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  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Pâques - Core French Writing Workshop t.co/hd7aCsucVz
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    French program teaches compassion - t.co/VtjNWHUrXA
  • La Parenthèse @ParentheseNL
    French Texting - Les Textos français t.co/zPtVmpXesD #FLE
  • Mme Tammy Aiello @madameaiello
    Want To Know The Language Of The Future? The Data Suggests It Could Be...French t.co/ssKb8TYorY via @forbes #fslchat #frimm
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    B.C. seeks French teachers – and finds those who can, won’t - The Globe and Mail t.co/iLKaONPvpN
  • Will Gourley @WillGourley
    @sylviaduckworth 60 songs in French - a playlist t.co/fhEuy6FtnF via @TalkinFrench
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    French Immersion Songs — Ecole Elizabeth Barrett Alberta t.co/LEN9lJt0hS
  • icpjones @icpjones
    @misterheeley Try Top 50 t.co/0w5XzKDRqc I also used the French versions of Disney's Frozen - quite a hit :)
  • Talk In French @TalkinFrench
    How to ask questions in French? Check it out our definitive guide t.co/AWtVEYDVX2 RT if it is useful for you. t.co/WiEnuetrGX
  • FrenchTeacherCanada @FrenchTeacherCA
    Online stories in #French #Contes #français t.co/TNJDwhXGBl #fsl #frimm #mfltwitterati
  • Melanie A @MommaYomma
    Looking for French reading comprehension apps. Also basic math apps in french for grade 3. Any recommendations? #bced #frimm #edchat
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Is French immersion a special education loophole? … And does it intensify issues of accessibility and exclusion? t.co/wubaiHbYaH
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    iPad Apps for French Classrooms | @scoopit via @Whoisasking t.co/19v2AkOxeU
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Learning: Ninja Style: Apps for French Immersion! | @scoopit via @Whoisasking t.co/GaJg6fCmsH
  • Diane Ankenmann @DianeAnkenmann
    Playlist of French songs for Gr. 7/8s, rated "G"! t.co/6pjy2FxjRL #langchat #fle #aimlang #mfl #mfltwitterati #flteach
  • Chelsea Michtich @MlleMichtich
    Suggestions for elementary french immersion resources would be greatly appreciated! Introducing "Les Contes" to gr4 #frimm #uled #elementary
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Rethinking pedagogical assumptions in Canadian French immersion t.co/ZgJlKJzvwF
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Ma Journée Scolaire 1: Prepare a presentation from Schoolshape French Materials - French Intermediate w... | @scoopit t.co/nPH4ZBNT8C
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    FREEBIE/FRENCH/Les sports d’hiver olympiques/textes et images | @scoopit via @Whoisasking t.co/bqs93TwwSW
  • Mme St. Amand @MmeStAmand
    Sample of @CBC 's "C'est la vie" program. Every wk they explain diff meanings of a french word of the wk. t.co/gEM3b071iZ #frimm