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  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Early French immersion a good idea, but with 'one big caveat' - CBC.ca | @scoopit t.co/SlaRskxilQ
  • IntSchoolMeals @IntSchoolMeals
    RT @SkypeClassroom: Madame Francis' class need some #French Immersion buddies! Can your #students help them? #frimm t.co/OVNmOAyUrw
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Inclusionary Practices in French Immersion: A Need to Link Research to Practice | Bourgoin | CJNSE/RCJCÉ t.co/u9uiI48zwd
  • Diane Ankenmann @DianeAnkenmann
    Three digital immersion platforms to test out: t.co/NQoFaXoAhk #langchat #fle #aimlang #mfl #msfrenchteach #mfltwitterati #flteach
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    The development of orthographic processing skills in children in early French immersion programs t.co/XwaLAon1a6
  • Stephen Petrucci @s1petrucci
    Postes immersion française septembre 2014 à Fort St. John! Circuler SVP t.co/UHhojKOJW7 @MakeaFuture #frimm #jobs #immersion
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    French Immersion Songs — Ecole Elizabeth Barrett Alberta t.co/LEN9lJt0hS
    Un tout nouveau site CAPSULES ORALES qui met l’oral au service de l’apprentissage en immersion t.co/XIskU8BLh9 #frimm
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Is French immersion a special education loophole? … And does it intensify issues of accessibility and exclusion? t.co/wubaiHbYaH
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Learning: Ninja Style: Apps for French Immersion! | @scoopit via @Whoisasking t.co/GaJg6fCmsH
  • Chelsea Michtich @missmichtich
    Suggestions for elementary french immersion resources would be greatly appreciated! Introducing "Les Contes" to gr4 #frimm #uled #elementary
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Rethinking pedagogical assumptions in Canadian French immersion t.co/ZgJlKJzvwF
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    1800+ ressources pédagogiques pour le #FLS / #FLE / ou Immersion française (#FRIMM): t.co/FBDsVDme7n
  • Le Point du FLE @lepointdufle
    Capsules orales t.co/xk3wGD1JW9 Outil de formation professionnelle pour les futurs enseignants en immersion française #FLE #frimm
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    ACPI Association canadienne des professeurs d'immersion - Immersion clip - Concours national Immersion t.co/ShtYtdrCbc
  • FRANÇAIS AVENIR @francaisavenir
    Information à diffuser! Une étude sur les besoins des étudiants en immersion désirant poursuivre des études... t.co/op2FKNj8kw
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Immersion education in the early years: a special issue - International Journal of Bilingualism t.co/Uwi0yVIPeN
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    L’immersion bilingue, c’est mieux dès 3 ans - La Libre.be t.co/NqVzgZgJeC
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    @KevinSigaty I added you to the French Immersion list.
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    @KevinSigaty Which list Kevin? Core French - Immersion French or ESL?