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  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Videolicious - Online tool to combine your video clips, photos, and sound to create HD videos. t.co/luzqC2L64N
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    50 Resources to Use Animation as a Teaching Tool - InformED : t.co/OqRqYRgRbK
  • Outils Tice @outilstice
    Language Tool. Outil de #correction gratuit en ligne - Les Outils #Tice t.co/xvdg69xjbZ
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Voxopop - a voice based eLearning tool | @scoopit via @limaluisa5 t.co/XiGeabeIkj
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    MediaCrush - on-line tool to easily share media files (video, sound, image) with others. t.co/zNAgYvCyNn
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Buncee - web tool to create interactive posters and comics with audio. t.co/478FopRbsZ
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    FlipSnack | Online tool to create and share flipping books t.co/TxXHw7ZGR7
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Bubblr: an online tool to create comic strips using photos from Flickr t.co/kSOL7JHVXD
  • Yuly Asencion @yya2
    Glossi: digital magazine creation tool | @scoopit via @NikPeachey t.co/HtLLq2f9yH #langchat
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    PollSnack | Online survey software, web poll & questionnaire tool t.co/czSMmWysnX
  • Oxford ELT @OUPELTGlobal
    Lingua.ly Is A Useful Tool For Second-Language Learners t.co/IYMMzYqLLU via @Larryferlazzo #edtech #ESL
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    An online video tool, that allows you to easily make animation videos for presentations and teaching lessons. t.co/JM28klqkoB
  • Lorenzo @lorenzord
    @SamanthaTutor Usefull tool to record yourself t.co/2Tci1nyHDV
  • About World Language @aboutworldlangs
    New tool for early detection of language disorders #langchat t.co/k24tXaRrcy
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Free OCR - Just scan a printed text and then use this tool to convert it into editable text. Time saver! Works well! t.co/pVUvJfBFdn
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    ScreenTweet – Awesome Twitter tool with great potential in the classroom. | Teach Amazing! t.co/D0HRExtCgm
  • Mark Brumley @markbrumley
    An international tool that makes creating quizzes and surveys simple! t.co/8N6U62XMoB #ukedchat #cpchat
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Learning Tools - Language Pronunciation Tool t.co/C5DlZPxB
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Graphèmes - Phonemus: Simple but great tool for parents of French Immersion students. | @scoopit via @Whoisasking t.co/E8DbPGqk
  • LangCanada.ca @LangCanada_ca
    Tool that allows you to create your own "flipbooks" complete with video, images, weblinks and more. via @Whoisasking t.co/LZ3p1PGu