Backup and Search Service for your Twitter Timeline


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's Twissues?

Twissues is simple tool designed to backup your tweets with quick and easy access.

Do I have to create an account?

To sign up on Twissues you don't have to create a new account. You only have to connect your Twitter account with Twissues and enter a valid email account (Of course! We won't spam you).

Is it free?


I want to backup my tweets but I don't want other people to browse them!

Ok. If you want to block your tweets from being searched by others just click on "Settings" and check "Don't allow other users search through my tweets". Save and go.

Hey! You're lying! Twissues only got 3.200 tweets and I have much more!

Sorry but the Twitter API -and its search engine- limits the access to your last 3.200 tweets. That's only a problem if you've tweeted (or retweeted!) more than 3.200 times since you joined Twitter.

Will I only be allowed to save 3.200 tweets?

No. After you connect and import your last 3.200 tweets, Twissues will automatically add your new tweets to your backup. Without limits!

Can I share the results of my search queries?

Of course! And that's an interesting feature. You can always browse for your tweets anywhere. Just enter

Can I search for others tweets?

Yes! And that's also an awesome feature that's being already used for hundreds of users. The only requisite is that they must connect their Twitter accounts with Twissues.

How can I search for others tweets?

It's so easy! Just enter

It looks good but, How can I send these results?

After you make a search, you'll find below the search field the number of results and the link "Share these results!". Just click on that button and publish the results in your Twitter Timeline.

How to take advantage of Twissues (for Community Managers, Journalists or General Users)?

Every user has its own preferred topics. Why not join them in "issues"?

I'm afraid about the message 'This app will be able to publish tweets for you'

Don't worry. Twissues will NEVER tweet anything without your permission. That message just means that when you leave checked the "Hype Twissues" checkbox at the moment of connecting your account, a message will appear in your Timeline saying that you've joined Twissues. Just uncheck it if you don't wish to publish anything.

Ok. I like Twissues but the mobile version sucks!

Yes, you're right and we're working to build a good version ASAP. Stay tuned.