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  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    When it gets to smartphones mobile connectivity is Plan B. t.co/eT3BE2Enwy
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    You may buy the smart carry on but you will love the video t.co/9IP9DFLSCX
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    @nikesharora Tokyo is awesome! And so are the Japanese.
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    Studies in mice have shown that blood donations of young mice reverse aging in old mice. Do you think it may make se… t.co/IGnCALmhVY
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    @ianbremmer @pmarca while they use coal we use their solar panels to lower our emissions...
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    the real bad ass in the case of the graffiti artist at the Whitney is the old guy who immobilizes him t.co/9HOhmXyZh7
  • Gary Shainberg @garyshainberg
    @WPPStream get ready to win @fon Gramafon by making the best Stream movie with @GoPro 4 thanks to @martinvars and @nickhodulik
  • Eduardo Arcos @earcos
    Context: Apple's iTunes revenue on Q4 2014: $4.6 billon, almost four times Netflix's revenue.
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    like this @Indiegogo project smart carry on t.co/ix31G5Qcsk
  • Javier @carpebubi
    @martinvars i agree, energy monitors are very helpful to understand the way energy is used/wasted. I've been using @efergy very satisfied
  • Forbes Tech News @ForbesTech
    The Motorola Moto G vs everything else: t.co/WNQED9aL0a t.co/7NL4zDlNB5
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    @gmail has mastered spam, now it needs to master irrelevance and mark as read a lot of my emails.
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    Installed an electricity monitor t.co/3k5hKaTk7J not only a way to save energy, great way to know what goes on at home
  • Conrad Hackett @conradhackett
    The US has more women in prison than China, India & Russia combined t.co/nAsGXezhQq t.co/pQxUCVJq17
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    Twitter started sending us tweets from people we don't follow. Not sure this is because they think they are smart or we are dumb.
  • Bernhard Niesner @bernardooo
    @busuu is looking for a VP Engineering who helps us scale to the next level: t.co/f5yPhpWjOP @martinvars @brenthoberman
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    @iotheguy that is why my kids only watch Netflix, children are incredibly vulnerable to TV ads!
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    My 3 year old has not watched TV, only Netflix, today I showed her TV and she kept asking "from the beginning Dad".
  • Daniel García @gulfuroth
    @martinvars the whole week experiencing the same. Nexus5, MacBook, iPhone 4 would see the wifis. IPad mini w/ iOS 8, no clue.
  • Martin Varsavsky @martinvars
    My iPhone 6 sometimes fails to connect or identify WiFi networks that my Moto E sees and connects to very fast.